The Keys To Success Are Already Within You

“The greatest good you can do for another is not to just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” 
Philosopher Benjamin Disraeli


As his words suggest, the beautiful thing about riches—whether material, spiritual, or any other kind—is that the key to their unlocking is with us already.

We live in a wholly abundant universe and everything you could desire is already in existence!

Yet, why is it that some people are surrounded by opportunities, good luck, money, relationships, optimal health and success while others are not?

What are the driving forces that inspire people who excel in every field? What makes them different, gives them that edge? What are the secrets to their success?

Most people unwittingly block their success with doubts, uncertainties and limiting beliefs.

To create and attract what you want, your mind must first be convinced of your ability to succeed in all levels of awareness—both consciously and subconsciously.

It’s Time to Experience Enormous Success Breakthroughs!

This course is designed to help you:

  • Remove the invisible barriers to your success.
  • Unlock hidden creativity.
  • Discover the laws of a successful life.
  • Break the cycles of repeating patterns that don’t get you what you want.
  • Manifest and create all you do want!

Understanding How Your Subconscious Mind Works
Is The Key To Unlocking Your Success

Your subconscious creates the blueprint for your life. Unfortunately it was programmed at a very young age and you probably aren’t even aware of the deep ingrained patterns it runs.

If you feel like you are following all the rules, working as hard as you can, and continually hitting an invisible wall—then you are stuck in an old pattern created by our subconscious mind.


Everyone wants to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and loved, but strangely, almost everyone has a strong counter program running in their subconscious mind that works against attaining these desired outcomes.

If you are like most people, you absorbed numerous self-limiting beliefs as a child. Hearing things like:

“Life is hard.”
“If something can go wrong it will.”
“It’s just too good to be true.”

If these thoughts are programmed into your subconscious, then you will always struggle with limitations.

The foundation of everything you are and everything you have is created by what you think, feel, and believe about yourself at the deepest levels of your mind. You will never succeed beyond the size of your vision. Your conscious and subconscious visions of your goals don’t match up and it’s holding you back.

Train Your Subconscious Mind to Work for You
Instead of Against You

Install an abundant, ultra-life success program into your subconscious mind


Have you ever noticed how:

  1. Your life is composed of repeating patterns?
  2. You create the same kinds of problems over and over?
  3. Similar health and relationship issues repeat?
  4. You have similar recycling financial problems?

If you want abundance in all areas of your life, this course is indisputably a major breakthrough in the delivery of success technology.

You will receive complete and thorough teachings in mind power and visualization techniques to apply the attraction codes to prosperity, relationships, health, spirituality, and your entire future.

With this new program you can set your success forces into full effect starting immediately. You’ll master new tools you can use for the rest of your life and learn skills you can practice and apply today.

You’ll Learn How To:

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  • Apply the 6 overlooked laws of success
  • Discover and eliminate 7 core blocks to success
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs causing patterns to repeat in your life
  • Stop self-sabotage immediately
  • Use 7 vital steps to effective visualizations—the secret shortcut to success
  • Unlock the winning mind-set traits essential to success
  • Reveal the hidden key to creating abundance with 20 questions & answers
  • Explore and dissolve limitations haunting you from your childhood
  • Reverse the effects of the strongest self-defeating program
  • Master 4 powerful visualization sessions to change everything negative in your life to positive

You will be guided through the strongest visualization techniques to integrate a prosperity and success consciousness. Special visualization processes generate the core power of this course. You will be directed to find your subconscious blocks and remove them. Then, using the most powerful keys to effective visualization, you precisely engage your subconscious mind to automatically begin attracting money, success, health, and enriched relationships. Not to mention enhancing your social and spiritual life!

It’s time to become the designer of your own life! No matter where you are today you can attain or surpass anything you have dreamed possible. It’s time to reprogram your subconscious mind, engage the laws of attraction, and create the life you have dreamed about!





videoEach chapter includes a video discussion by Jonathan pointing out chapter highlights, reinforcing subtle details, and encouraging you to stay focused.[/four_columns_1][four_columns_2]


videoDownload the entire spoken course in MP3 or iTunes Audiobook format. Download the course chapters and workbook in PDF and Word format.[/four_columns_2][four_columns_3]


videoAn accompanying 56 page workbook will help you become crystal clear on your blocks and help you redefine new beliefs and goals![/four_columns_3][four_columns_4]


videoEach chapter also includes an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from Jonathan himself.[/four_columns_4]



The Six Laws of Life Success

Being successful is not just “the luck of the draw” as you may currently believe. All successful people, whether consciously or unconsciously, are following the laws of success in one form or another. Once you have mastered these, prosperity and abundance are almost guaranteed.

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7 Primary Blocks to Your Success

In order to attain and retain wealth, you must first eliminate your subconscious blocks. Becoming aware of the primary blocks–the attitudes, beliefs and emotions that are holding you back, is the first step. Once you learn how to release and eliminate these blocks, you will begin to manifest success and abundance in all areas of your life.

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Visualization is often the missing link in activating the laws of attraction. If you want to manifest abundance, you must first understand the law of visualization. The images and thoughts we hold in our mind have the power to create. Yet in most cases, your thoughts are working against your dreams of success.

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The 7 Steps of More Effective Visualizations

It is essential to include these seven steps in your visualizations as you begin to manifest your goals. Without them, your visualizations will fall flat and you won’t see the results you are looking for.

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1st Self-Guided Visualization Session

In this first guided visualization process, you will begin to uncover the subconscious beliefs that are blocking your success. Through this unique process, you will access your subconscious mind in a meditative state and answer 20 questions that uncover your hidden beliefs about prosperity and success. You will never be able to fully commit to the actualization of your dreams without first recognizing your inner beliefs and attitudes.

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Review Your Answers to the Visualization in Chapter Five

The answers your wrote down during the meditation from chapter 5 are reviewed and discussed in detail. You will gain new perspectives on what your true beliefs are about career, money, success, relationships and more. Once you’ve uncovered the blocks in your subconscious, you can actively begin to clear them through visualization and meditation.

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2nd Self-Guided Visualization Session & The Movie Projector Technique

People have talked about positive thinking for decades, but positive speech also orients your life in a positive way. This second guided visualization will help you eliminate negative word associations, using the unique “movie projector technique” and replace them with positive ones.

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3rd Self-Guided Visualization Session: Exploring Your Relationship with Money

This progressive visualization accesses your subconscious mind to discover how and why your symbolic relationship with money was formed. You will let go of messages relating to scarcity and lack in order to make room for the abundance that is inherent in the universe.

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Rainbow Beach Visualization: Invitation to Abundance

This very powerful visualization, the last in the course, will give you an activation word you can use to trigger the subconscious and conscious to support you in the realization of your goals. Every time you say this word you will feel a surge of creative energy, triggering your abundance mindset.

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Outlining What You Want to Attract

Through a writing exercise, you will dig deeper to discover which beliefs are holding you back and no longer serving your highest good. Focusing on prosperity, relationships, career, spirituality, and health, you will work to illuminate and eliminate negative thought patterns. If you change your subconscious beliefs, you can change your life!

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Eyes-Open Visualization Technique

Master this technique and use it frequently to strengthen the positive relationships in your life and help those that aren’t serving your highest good withdraw. Relationships can be a cause and manifestation of non-attuned thinking and old subconscious patterns.

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The Power of Journaling

Journaling is a direct and very powerful form of visualization. We create through thought, word and deed. By learning to journal in this specific way, you will focus your energy and make decisions about what you really want to achieve. It also helps you maintain passion and desire, two powerful energies toward the manifestation of your goals.

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We live in a wholly abundant universe. Everything you could desire is already in existence—and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This energy is available to you as a creative potential. All you have to do is tap into it, and trust.


We want to make sure there is absolutely nothing stopping you from having complete success
with this course! So we’ve added in a bunch of bonuses to help you on your journey.



Do It Now! – $49.95 Value!

Do you dream about kicking it into high gear and making real changes in your life? Yet, somehow the days turn into weeks, which turn into years and you find that you still haven’t taken that first step? Well, this program is the perfect complement to help you start manifesting an abundant life. Do It Now! Stops your self-defeating procrastination habit at its source—your subconscious mind– with the most powerful mental programming techniques ever developed. To successfully conquer the negative habit of putting things off, you must get at the root of the problem. Do It Now! is designed to assault the persistent, self-defeating procrastination habit where it begins.

(6 hour program in MP3 format)


Building a Winning Self Image – $54.95 Value!

In order to attain and retain wealth, you must first eliminate your subconscious blocks. Becoming aware of the primary blocks–the attitudes, beliefs and emotions that are holding you back, is the first step. Once you learn how to release and eliminate these blocks, you will begin to manifest success and abundance in all areas of your life.

(6 hour program in MP3 format)



3 Bonus Guided Visualizations – $X.00 Value!

You must be able to envision yourself succeeding before you are able to achieve lasting success. Every accomplishment or creation has to first be an image in someone’s mind. Practicing and mastering Success Visualization Exercises is the single most important skill to help you attain your goals.

Each bonus includes a discussion and guided visualization.

Bonus Visualization 1 – Creating Your Dreams & Future.

  • Shift your consciousness.
  • Open doors to opportunities.
  • Create the intentions to be a magnetic attractor field for success.
  • Envision your ideal future.
  • Activate, integrate, and stabilize at a successful level of consciousness.

Bonus Visualization 2 – Clearing Abundance Blocks & Accepting Success.

  • Activate the power of self-permission so prosperity will flow to you.
  • Lift off and remove limiting energy patterns, feelings, and beliefs.
  • Release the struggle and hard-work programs.
  • Clear unworthiness patterns and instill full deserving and acceptance.
  • Align with the forces of goodness to activate the full power of manifestation.

Bonus  Visualization 3 – Clearing Abundance Obstacles and Visualizing Success.

  • Discover who truly runs your subconscious programs.
  • Release feelings and beliefs you are stuck and trapped.
  • Clear causes of what prevents you from monetary success.
  • Dissolve fears that you will lose success if you attain it.
  • Design your dreams for success.


40 Days of Success Affirmations Delivered to Your Inbox!

Words and thoughts create the world we live in. Affirmations are a wonderful tool to help you stay focused and reach your goals of success. Each day you will receive a potent affirmation in your inbox for 40 days. Saying the affirmation repeatedly all day while you are driving, cooking dinner, brushing your teeth, ect, will help you break the old patterns and habits and create new thought processes for ultra-success.



3 Background Music Tracks – $X.95 Value!

These audio tracks are perfect to play softly in the background to put you in that perfectly relaxed state. Play them while doing your visualizations or worksheets or simply play them to unwind.

Audio Track Titles Include:

  • Gentle Quietude
  • Meditation Music
  • Music To Enhance Visualizations


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Meet Jonathan Parker


Jonathan Parker is the founder and director of Quantum Quests International. For more than 40 years he has been a counselor, workshop facilitator and author of one of the largest self-development libraries in the world. His most recent best selling book is titled The Soul Solution.

Jonathan has university degrees in Education, Chemistry, Theology, Counseling Psychology, and Human Behavior & Development, but his life-long relentless quest for unraveling the many questions and mysteries of life also led him on a broad journey into comparative religion, quantum physics, clinical psychology, Huna, Theosophy, botany, astronomy, Sufism, nutrition, music, hypnosis, psychic phenomena, NLP, energy medicine, meditation, and metaphysics.

His outstanding TV programs, “Mind Power,” “Self-Empowerment” and “Winning at Weight Loss” have brought his results-oriented approach to millions.

His work has earned him a high standing with many companies, clinics, schools, universities, prisons, and health professionals who regularly use his programs. Olympic athletes, doctors, judges, and the clergy of many denominations and faiths have also used his programs. To date people in more than 75 countries around the world have benefited from his programs and workshops.

Jonathan Parker has been ahead of his time with many innovative applications of accelerated learning and personal transformation techniques. His wide spectrum of programs tap the deepest reservoir of human capabilities and inspire success in achieving the highest of human potentials. His programs have touched the lives of millions lifting them to achieve personal excellence and financial success, as well as realizing their dreams of vibrant health, winning performances, and reaching the heights of the human spirit!


martin“Since using these programs I became the number one salesman out of a sales force of 325, and I don’t believe I could have done that without these programs. They’re essential in my success.”

Martin Schumann

lisa“Jonathan’s programs are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I’ve bought other programs from other people and other seminars and his are absolutely amazing compared to anything I’ve ever used. Somehow I’ll do the visualizations and money seems to come out of nowhere. The images that are implanted in your subconscious somehow attracts things to you.”

Lisa Setera

lisa“Even though I worked as hard as I could in my job there was still something missing, so I started my own business, and I worked as hard as I could for eight years, but I could never make the kind of money I wanted. I discovered you need more than information on how to start and run a business to help you succeed. You need the subconscious success programs to help you succeed. If you don’t have a positive program in your subconscious, nothing is going to make you succeed no matter how hard you work. Since using the program I’ve eliminated the subconscious barriers that held me back my whole life. Now because of the program my income has doubled and my financial prospects are incredible.”

Lisa Foley

harriet“It turned out the be the best decision I ever made. All of a sudden a whole new world opened up to me. An opportunity to do things that I wanted to do.”

Harriet Landen

evelyn“I’ve just experienced marvelous changes. I think the materials have been the most helpful for me. They’ve not only helped me, but I’ve purchased them for dear friends and I’ve seen many people benefit so greatly in such a short period of time. To me it’s the highest quality production I have found.”

Evelyn Mazzei

patricia“Jonathan’s programs have taken me from being a victim and an unhappy person to a person who is living a very full exciting life; a person who is in charge and isn’t afraid. It seems that I’m attracting the people into my life that I need for the prosperity, the wealth, the health, and the joy so I stay happy.”

Patricia Minchey

jasison“My income has tripled since I started the program, and since I have a new sense of who I am and what I have to offer in my own self worth. People who can take advantage of my talents and abilities seem to be attracted to me and drawn to me, and it’s so much more fun now.”

Jaison Starkes

patricia“Since obtaining this program it has been beyond believable. I have changed a lifetime in seven months. Believe me when I tell you this. In seven months I took care of 32 years and I started living.”

Larry Herndon

jasison“All my life I prepared to be a professional football player and then I found myself unable to play. I started with the visualizations and out of the blue I was offered a business opportunity that has now sprouted into a multi-million dollar company. I never thought I would have an opportunity to make the money I did in professional football, but now I’m making more money than I  ever imagined possible. If Jonathan’s program can work for me, wiping out my negative limiting conditioning it will work wonders for anybody. Jonathan’s program is a godsend.”

Erik Affholter, Football player

jasison“Before using Jonathan’s program I felt like I was hitting my head against a wall. I was so limited by my old childhood beliefs that I couldn’t make anything work. After using the program I recognized my own limitations and they just melted away.  I put a picture of a new car up on the wall and visualized having it, and in less than a year the car I wanted was in my driveway. Everything is going great in my life now. I now know I can create anything I want. I have a feeling of being reborn now, like I have a second chance at life.”

Glen Emanuel

In accordance with FTC guidelines, we want to make it clear that the results expressed in the testimonials customers have provided are not typical. Each person will have different results and we cannot promise you will expience similar results when using our product.

Try It Risk FREE!



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  • 13 Illuminating Chapters  – 13 chapters packed with powerful visualizations and success strategies you won’t find anywhere else.
  • A 56 Page Workbook – A workbook to help you break the habit of mediocrity and build the foundation for abundance and unlimited success.
  • Video Instruction – Jonathan breaks down each chapter with additional insights.
  • Personalized Interaction – Ask Jonathan questions directly in comments.
  • Bonuses Galore – Over $297 worth of bonuses to help you on my path to an abundance filled life!
  • 30-Day Guarantee – An unconditional 30-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!




You’ll join thousands of others who have
benefited from Jonathan’s programs!