An Interview with Jonathan Parker

Q.  We’re here today with Dr. Jonathan Parker who has authored a remarkable program called Decoding the Abundance Mindset. What can you tell us about the program Jonathan?

A.  Well, it’s really a self-guided course with audios, videos, and visualization sessions integrated into a self-paced workshop. You know, prosperity and success apply to all areas of our life whether we’re talking about our finances, relationships, health, or even our spiritual life. So I see abundance in broad terms representing freedom, fun, and a  happy and fulfilled life, but many people have counter programs running in their subconscious mind that undermines them and limits them.

Q. Tell me more about these counter programs..

A.  Well, deep in your mind, often below the level of your conscious awareness, you hold all your attitudes, feelings, emotions, memories, and, most importantly, the limiting beliefs and programs that you have carried over from childhood.

Q.  So, we have thoughts going around in our head from childhood that sabotage us financially or in relationships now, is that what you’re saying?

A. That’s exactly what happens, and the way it works is that most of us, from the time we were born, began hearing “NO, you can’t do that” a lot more than we heard, “OH, yes, good, you can do it!”

In fact, some researchers have estimated we have heard “no” at least 40,000 times before we even enter school, and by the time we leave school, it’s way over 100,000 times.

Children are like sponges they are very impressionable and pick up what’s going on around them and file it away in the back of their heads. When we were children forming our attitudes about life we inadvertently picked up limiting attitudes from the people around us. Mom, Dad, brothers, and sisters, saying things like,

  • If something can go wrong, it will.
  • Its hard to get ahead in life.
  • If you make it, you’ll lose it.
  • That’s too good to be true. 
  • You’ve gotta save your money for a rainy day.

& statements like that!

Then if the child also sees mom and dad arguing, and life being a struggle this all gets stored in that child’s mind.

Q.  So, the problem really lies in our mind then?

A. That’s right. When we are children we form a blueprint for our lives that determines our careers, relationships, and even our health and happiness. And that blueprint is our self-image, and it is 90% completed by the time we are 12 years old.

Q. That’s almost a scary thought, to think that our lives are being run by programs that were put in our subconscious when we were kids…

A. I know. And if you have doubts, fears, insecurities, questions, or confusion, (and who doesn’t?) they are like a gatekeeper in your subconscious mind blocking success, love, and money from coming in even if they are right within reach. Or, perhaps worse yet, if you do get these things, you loose them.

Q. So how does Decoding the Abundance Mindset help us with these problems?

A.  Well, Decoding the Abundance Mindset is specifically designed to work with your inner beliefs, and it does this not only explaining how the mechanism works and helping you determine what your blocks are, but also by actually leading you through the visualization processes to clear the limitations.

Q. Isn’t visualization what the Olympic athletes use to perfect their performance

A. It sure is. Visualization is actually the language of the subconscious, so visualization is a process where you can go directly into your mind, and work on your blocks and limiting beliefs, and reorient your mind with the images of success that you want—Whether it is to get the job or raise you want and deserve, attract the relationship you want, or improve the situations you already have.

Q. What are some of the things we’ll learn in Decoding the Abundance Mindset?

A. Well the course covers a lot. It is very focused and to the point. Here are just a few of the main areas covered.

  • How to Visualize Success
  • Discover the all-important laws that create success.
  • Clear limiting beliefs even from childhood.
  • Eliminate Subconscious Money Blocks & Sabotage.
  • Magnetize Yourself to Engage the Laws of Attraction
  • Stop Procrastination
  • Change Obstacles to Opportunities

And you will use visualizations to…

  •  What you want in life and raise your potential to get it.
  • Disintegrate obstacles, fears and negative attitudes.
  • Explore your deepest subconscious beliefs about success.
  • Identify and remove the power of more than 25 negative triggers.
  • Clear negative childhood programs.
  • You will learn to effectively visualize your goals
  • Remove anything that disturbs your life.
  • Visualize the love you want
  • Activate more than two dozen positive forces.

What’s great about the course is that it explains and leads you through exactly how to visualize the most effective way. The success visualization process is not a daydreaming activity or fantasizing. To be successful it has to be done a certain way, and the course is very clear on that.

Q.  You also said something about Positive Repetition…

A.  Yes, the program also contains both positive and negative activating words. Most of these negative words form the beliefs in a persona’ subconscious mind. You know, our minds are always going. In fact, its hard to turn it off. We are always telling ourselves things, and it can either get us up or get us down.

Q. Sure, when you are feeling down, you have negative thoughts going through your head that get you depressed and that makes it hard to get going.

A. Yes, we sabotage ourselves. In most cases these negative ideas replay over and over like a recording. The course helps you identify the main thoughts causing difficulties and then proceeds to guide you to clear them and replace them with the positive.

Our life is what our thoughts make it, and this course contains a sophisticated combination of techniques that work with processes your own mind is doing anyway, and directs it to work for you instead of against you.

Q.  So does the program work for everyone?

A.  Because this course contains written material as well as audio recordings of the entire course it is accessible to nearly everyone who is willing to invest in themselves. The information is presented in such a simple and easy-to-follow format that it can work for anyone at just about any age from teenage on up.

I’ve been successfully making programs like this for over 30 years, and I’ve had thousands of more than satisfied customers because the programs have worked for them. And it’s all because, when your beliefs and commitments are positive through and through your life begins to flow in a positive direction, and nothing can stop you.